The 35 Ugliest Former Child Actors

Some of the cutest child actors grow up to be some ugly adults. Some of these ugly former child stars were enough to go through puberty in front of a camera, and many never recovered even a modicum of their cuteness. While their stumbling trips into adulthood didn’t stop some of them from achieving big-time success and/or smoking hot spouses (Ron Howard, I’m talking to you), the fact remains that while these poor folks were cute actors as , they still turned into some of the ugliest actors as adults. 
As if it’s not bad enough to talk about how some of these actors and actresses used to be among the greatest child actors ever, some of them are even child stars who grew up to look like Muppets, and now they “grace” the list of child actors who grew up ugly. And they’re rich. Most of them made more money before they lost their virginity than you’ll make your whole life. Remember that. It buys happiness and the freedom to not care what you think, person on the .

Matilda, Mrs. Doubtfire
The Wonder Years

Michael Fishman

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The Nanny
The Andy Griffith Show
Paper Moon
The Cosby Show
Family Ties
Hannah Montana
Growing Pains
The Partridge Family
Home Alone
The Wonder Years
E.T. The Extraterrestrial
Little House On The Prairie
Family Ties
Home Improvement
That’s So Raven 
Salute Your Shorts
The Goonies 
Hook, Can’t Hardly Wait
Terminator 2
The Goonies
The Lost Boys
One Day at a Time
The Adventures of Pete & Pete

Home Improvement
Saved by the Bell