The Best Accidentally Funny Mother's Day Cards

Ah, . You gotta love how they tend to say the darndest – as well as the occasionally insanely embarrassing, parent-teacher conference prompting, humiliating things. The truth is, kids are still developing in many areas, including motor skills, personalities, and without a doubt their filters. As you’ll see in the following Mother’s Day cards, kids just kinda say whatever they’re thinking, for better or worse. 
That said, we figured, what better way to honor Mother’s Day than with a collection of accidentally funny Mother’s Day cards from kids who may or may not have really thought them through? Here you’ll find a hysterical collection of some of the most adorable subliminal messages and honest advice ever captured in crayon. While some of these kids have deemed Mother’s Day the perfect moment to own up to their true thoughts on Mom’s meatloaf, others have simply committed errors that come across as accidentally creepy. We’ve got spelling errors that prove exactly how far one little letter can go in completely changing the meaning of a and drawings that we dare any adult to be able to only interpret with child-like eyes.
So if you’re worried that your Mother’s day gift may not be up to par, come on in and rest assured that it’s quite possibly an improvement over the days when you too were one of these Crayola-wielding card makers! Without further ado, we give you some of the best funny Mother’s Day cards from kids that the has to offer!

The “It’s the Little Things” Card

The “Thanks for Sparing Us” Card

The “Parent Teacher Conference in 3… 2… 1…” Card

The “Ur Kinda a Creeper” Card

The Most Misspelling of “Cook” Ever Card

The Really Really Happy Mother’s Day Card

The “My Mom Has the Coolest Job” Card

The “One Little Letter That Changed Everything” Card

The “It’s the Thought That Counts” Card

The “I’m Never Moving Out Ever” Card

The “I Gotchu, Ma” Card

The Heartfelt Confession Card

The “Favorite Parent = Winning” Card

The “My Mom’s a Murderous ” Card

The TMI Card

The Terrified Offspring Card

The “Love U More Than Live Stock” Card

The “Seriously, I Have ADDOhLookaSquirrel” Card

The “Most Improved” Card

The “Betta Recognize” Card

The Subliminal Message Card

The “Thanks for the Stretch Marks” Card

The Kinda Conditional Love Card

The Freudian Card

The “Thanks for the Agonizing Birth” Card

The “Make Sure I’m in the Will” Card

The Oedipus Complex Card

The Bigger Man Card

The “Why Do You Ruin Every Day of My Life?” Card

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