33 Funny Sign Burnouts That Are Definitely Sending The Wrong Message

Though the signs you’ll see here serve their purpose by day, by night they go rogue and demonstrate exactly how important fixing a burned out letter or two can be. As these funny sign burnouts prove with delightful hilarity, sometimes a few little letters can mean the difference between selling a legitimate product and getting investigated by the authorities.
We’ve got signs offering consumers everything from drugs and loose women to crappy buffet dinners and offensive Mexican . So if you’re looking for a good laugh or the chance to show your own employees the important of sign maintenance, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll see shoe stores appear to turn to brothels, restaurants go from appetizing to disturbing, and even street lights go from helpful to offensive, right before your very eyes. So, get ready for a grin as you witness the hidden insults hidden in popular store names.

This Can’t Possibly Be

“At Least We Own It”

“When You Need Ass Fast!”

Hint #1 Your Employees May Be Disgruntled

“Your Source for Great Screws!”

“…That We Can’t Guarantee Will End Well”

“F— Ya if You Disagree!”

The Take-Over Pushes Blockbuster Over the Edge

“There’s Nothing Subliminal About Us!”

“All Anal, All the Time!”

“A Hot Mom Hangout Since 1969”

“Specializing in Laxatives!’

“Where Clearance Books Go to Die”

“When Regular Hoes Just Aren’t Skanky Enough”

“When the Line at the Donor Clinic Is Just Too Long”

Not So Sure This One’s a Mistake

“Must Be This Tall to Ride”

The Horrible Truth About Where Elves Spend

Worst. Museum. Ever.

Macho Man Randy Savage’s Favorite Store

“Your Next Drunk Driving Adventure Ends Here!”

A Brand New Park for Your Next Vacation!

“Not Much, Bro…”

“Get Your Kicks After You Kick the Bucket!”

“Screw It, Who Are We Kidding?”

“Tons of Fish, Zero Forthcoming !”

“We Laugh in the Face of Faux Fur!”

“Call Johnny for Your Ticket to Ride Today!”

“No Returns on Used Merchandise”

PETA Strikes Again

“No ID, No Problem!”

Isn’t That Lucky?

Zen for City Dwellers

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