24 Incredibly Awkward Modeling Poses That'll Make You Cringe

It’s time to bend your mind into a pretzel with this gallery of awkward and poses that defy basic human logic. While it’s common knowledge the fashion industry tries to perfect every flaw, the poses struck here are beyond the help of . One can only imagine what the photographers said in order to coerce these genuinely awkward . It’s time to tickle your fashion fancy with this gallery of funny model poses from who are clearly not model citizens. Beauty is pain, and this is torture.

My Neck, My Back, My Spine’s About To Snap

Be The Airbag

Turning Fashion On It’s Head

Posing Or Pissed Off?

Outerwear By Children Of The Corn

Drank Too Much Seltzer On Set

Starting From The Bottom

Corpse Bride

Airing It Out

Table For Fun

Just For Kicks

Pit Stop

Climbing The Industry Ladder

Getting A Leg Up


Too Stool For

Between Two Walls

Just Sit Back And Don’t Relax

Splits Decision

The Model Whisperer

Bench Jockey

Squatter’s Rights

The Step Squat

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