The Best Hipster Jokes. You Probably Won't Get Them.

about are so passé, Or they’re again? It’s hard to tell with those impossibly skinny, scarf wearing, leather jacket wearing scenesters. But at least hipsters are really easy to make fun of. So, check out these hipster jokes. Jokes about hipsters… not jokes that hipsters tell. Well, maybe they do. Whether they’re standing in an endless line for the perfect cup of coffee, or scavenging at a pop up shop for vintage vinyl, hipsters seem to be everywhere these days. Before you know it, hipsters are going to be moving in next door, and setting up a commune made of tree houses and raw denim. The only way to truly combat the hipster menace is to make jokes at their expense. The jokes about hipsters on this list cover everything from 180 gram vinyl, to trucks, and chillwave.

Why Did The Hipster Burn His Tongue?
Because he ate his food before it was cool.
How Do You Drown A Hipster?
In the mainstream.
Two Hipsters Walk Into A Bar
The first did it before it was cool, and the second did it ironically.
Why Do Hipsters Only Use The Microwave?
They don’t like conventional ovens. 
Why Do Hipsters Love Using The Subway?
Because it’s so underground!
Who Was The First Hipster?
You’ve probably never heard of him.
Have You Heard The New Hipster Joke?
We have it on vinyl.
Why Do Hipsters Love Ice?
Because ice was water before it was cool.
If A Hipster Falls In The Forest, Does It Make A Sound?
Yes…but you’ll probably never hear it.
Why Are Hipsters So Thin?
Because they have skinny genes.
How Much Did the Hipster Weigh?
How Many Hipsters Does It Take To Screw In An Edison Bulb?
You probably wouldn’t know, it’s an obscure number.
Why Do Hipsters Like Lava?
Because it’s like rock before it’s cool.
What Do You Call A Hipster With A Speech Impediment?
Why Did The Ocean Leave His Oceanside Mansion?
It was too current
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How Many Hipsters Does It Take To Flush A Toilet?
You can’t touch the toilet, that’s .
What Happens When A Hipster Falls?
They Tumblr
A Hipster Walks Into A Club
You’ve never heard of it.
Why Shouldn’t You Bet On A Hipster In A Bike Race?
Because it’s fixed.
Whats A Hipster Favorite Restaurant?
Jack OUT Of The Box.
Why Are Farmers Cooler Than Hipsters?
They can go a day without their pitchforks.
What Do You Get When You Cross A Fridge & A Hipster Playlist?
Cool !  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Why Did The Hipster Shoot The Deputy?
Because the Sheriff was too mainstream.
How Do You Kill A Hipster?
With a Pitchfork.
Where Did The Hipster Go Surfing?
On the chillwave.