Mind-Bending Glitch in the Matrix Pictures

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of The Matrix, it basically suggests that our bodies are all actually sitting around in pods somewhere, but we don’t know it because our minds are programmed to project a false reality all around us called “the Matrix.” You see, this hallucination that we think is “reality” is actually one big dream, programmed by machines to keep us from realizing that they are actually using our bodies as power sources. Never fear however, because somewhere out there in the “real” world, Keanu Reeves and a bunch of other guys dressed in black leather are running around trying to figure out how to unplug us. Comforting right?
Well, as great a job as our hypothetical captors have done, fooling us into thinking we’re actually here, every now and then the matrix experiences a bit of a “glitch.” Whether you consider the following matrix glitch pictures proof of the horrible truth or just a fun, trippy way to spend a lunch hour, be sure to upvote the strangest and most surreal glitch below!

The Weirdest Case of Crossword Puzzle Cheating Ever

This Old Man and His Doppelganger

This Matrix Bug on the Bus

This Guy Sitting on Both Ends of the Bench

This Man’s Eternal Shuffle Down the Same Sidewalk

This Girl Preparing to Get Off at Multiple Stops

This Lady Is Getting a Little Ahead of Herself

This Guy Spying on Himself Spying on Himself

These Double Take Texters

This Guy Encounters His Life Unfolding in an Alternate Deminsion

Attack of the Frizzy -Do

Matrix Stalks Herself

This Girl Walking Both in Front of and Behind Herself

This Blonde Having More and More and More Fun

This Guy Shopping Multiple Aisles at Once

This Matrix Highway Going Haywire

How Many Are There??

This Copy Cat Bus Seat

This Criss-Crossed Matrix Snafu

This Croc-Clad Glitch

This Multi-Woman Mishap

The Matrix’s Short Lived “Evil Twin Program”

This Kitteh Lounging Around the Whole House

This Toilet Seat Left Up Even Though It Was Put Down

This Lady Having Lunch with Herself

This Guy Reading a Text from Himself

This Orca Which We Pray Is Only a Glitch

This Cloned Pair of Terrifyingly Short Shorts

This Doubly Judgmental Stare

This Double Bench Disaster

The Matrix Takes Control of College Fashions

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