25 Packaging Fails You Won't Believe Are Real

Packaging design can literally make or break the success of a product. Whether it’s a item or a life-sized dinosaur costume, a poorly-packaged product or a confusing label can be the kiss of death for any . Luckily that kiss of death is very entertaining to look at, and that is exactly what this list is. A collection of packaging fails assembled by scouring the darkest corners of the . If you’ve seen any of these ridiculous label fails in you should count your blessings because you are one of the luckiest in the world.

Someone Didn’t Think This Through

Math Is Hard

That’s Five Letters, Bro

So That’s How Buttermilk Is Made

The Wrong Way to Package Your Sausage

The Truth About and

Choking Hazard Packaging

Because You’re Waiting for the Right Shower Head to Come Along

The Other Avenger

Font Choice Is Extremely Important

Childhood Officially Ruined

Stop Horsing Around

How to Package Man Boobs

Harold & Kumar Get Confused at White Castle

Sweet Sounds of Gunfire

Corny Packaging

Oh Boy


Fortune Cookie Irony

Poop in Comfort

Scandalous Barbie

Packaging Like This Takes Balls


Race Reversal

You Had One Job

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