Brutal Texts From Exes That Will Make You Laugh And Cry

The tender or witty between two in a – sort-of mini love letters – can take a very dark turn when it’s all over. A text exchange with an ex, no matter who initiates it, is uncomfortable at best and downright brutal at worst. Most people on the receiving end of such reach-outs simply ignore them – sometimes by renaming the contact helpful hints like “Satan,” “do not respond,” or “assh*le” – but others go above and beyond.
Sometimes it’s not enough to just ignore an ex’s texts, or to never initiate another exchange with an ex. In some cases it’s too tempting to call the ex out. These texts, as memorialized on textsfromyourex’s page, are about as brutal as such exchanges can get. Just be warned – they contain some adult language.

Call The Burn Unit

The Bed-Wetter

Sometimes It’s Best To Get Your Feelings Out Immediately

Hard To Forget Something Like That


A+ Gif Use

Nothing Is Simple

The Language Of Love

The Proper Way To Text

A SpongeBob Burn

Are You Not Entertained?!

Say My Name

Throw The Dictionary At Him

How Is Grandma Doing?

Who Says Romance Is Dead?

“Don’t Roll Your Eyes At Me”

You Should Have Known This Would Happen

The Right Emoji Says Everything

Honesty Is The Key To Any Non-Relationship

Not A Great Sign

Quite The List

Stage 5 Clinger

Coffee Is Wholesome

Time Is A Flat Circle

Get Straight To The Point

Time To Change The Password

The Warning Was Appreciated

8:43 A.M.

Can Escalate Quickly

The Email Is Everyone’s Last Move

The Classic

1 To 100 Fast

Nice Save

Never Give Up, Never Surrender

Dr. Evil Will Definitely Seal The Deal

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