31 Reasons Why Grandma Is the Best Texter

Though it may have taken a decade or two for some of them to catch on, more and more grannies have adopted texting as one of their favorite pastimes. from grandma often provide a unique hilarity that would be hard to find anywhere else, but luckily, we’ve put together a list of some of the best. Some of these grandmas are sassy and sweet, while others are just downright confused about . Whatever the case, they love their and grandkids, and a silly little thing like a new iPhone update isn’t going to stop them from sending texts.   These grandmothers are hip to the texting trend, and these messages prove it. As you’ll see below, the joys of texting your grandma can take a variety of forms. Because some of them are brand new to texting, you’ll have to bear with them while they get their “” lingo down. Other grannies are slightly more seasoned, and use their biting wit to keep up with the changing times.These little old ladies do not play around, and their texts prove that they don’t have time for silly like tact and class.

Grandma's Always Got His Back... And a Crowbar, Apparently.

This Old Lady Isn’t Afraid to Own It

She Didn’t Chose the Thug Life. The Thug Life Chose Her.

She’s Too Old for Subtly

This Granny Knows Her

This Grandma’s Tact Was the First Thing to Go

Because Even Granny Has Needs

The Bar IS Kind of Hard to Find…

Who Else Is Adorable Enough to Say Things Like “Silly Potato?”

The Most Unique Holiday Greeting of All Time

Take Out Sounds Great Right About Now

She Needs Her Grandbabies to Look Up These Lyrics

She Always Reminds Her Grand Kids to Keep Their Hooligan Ways in Check

It May Take Awhile to Teach Her How to Work the Touch Keyboard

She’s Hip to the Lingo

Granny’s Still Got It

This Must Be Baddie Winkle

Hope She’s Wearing Her Life Alert to the Bar Tonight…

Grandma’s Definition of “” Is Certainly Unique

When She Loses a Phone Number Right Before Her Eyes

She Always Calls ‘Em Like She Sees ‘Em

All This Newfangled Lingo Can Simply Be Too Much to Handle

She’ll Always Be Wild & Wooly at Heart

No One’s a Better Jeopardy Prep Coach Than Grandma

Did This Grandma Just Adopt an Alpaca?


Text Messages > Telegraphs

It’s So Sweet When She Tries to Get Into Her Grandkids’

She and Lil Weezy Probably Shared a Hospital Room

Who Else Can Make Tomato Shopping This Cryptic?

Who Knows What Kind of Lingo She’s Picked Up at Her Bingo Matches

She Has No Idea How to Turn Off Word Select

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