Tinder Conversations That Will Make You Cringe So Hard

Even if you’re not really into delightfully meaningless one night hookups, it’s almost worth signing up for a Tinder account simply to enjoy the pleasures of the hysterically awkward Tinder conversations that are guaranteed to ensue. But if you’re not really into putting yourself out there, fear not. We’ve gathered a collection of some of the craziest, weirdest, and just plain tinder conversations that have ever been screenshotted.
Get ready to behold the hilarity of bad pick-up lines, cluelessness run rampant, and other fun Tinder , all assembled for your viewing pleasure. Whether you’re just looking for a good laugh or are actually looking for about what not to do when you jump aboard the Tinder train, rest assured you won’t be disappointed. So strap on your seatbelts and get ready to laugh, cry, and enjoy a couple of old fashioned cringes as you descend into the underbelly of Tinder and the absolute worst it’s got to offer!

And Behind Door #1 We Have Years and Years of Therapy

3. . . 2. . . Awkward

When You Really Shouldn’t Have Asked

Fifty Shades of Awkward

Don’t Ask If You Don’t Want to Know

Who Said Chivalry Was Dead?

You and Me Baby Ain’t Nothing But Mammals

That’s Going to Be Extra

Bonus Points for Creativity Tho

Better Luck Next Time

Best. Snapback. Ever.

Well That Saved Everyone at Least Five More

You Don’t Say?

Never Woulda Guessed

Well Played Tall Stranger, Well Played

A New Twist on an Old Classic

Why Don’t You Tell Him How You Really Feel?

Too Too Soon?

When You Know That Being Yourself Isn’t Going to Work

That Escalated Quickly

Claire, Give Him Another Chance!

This Is Both a Terrible Joke and a Pickup Line

Her Name Tho

When Word Play and Foreplay End Up Being the Same Thing

That Line Usually Works Like a Gem

The Old Reminiscing About the Future Routine

A Likely Story Indeed

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