23 Times Math Didn't Quite Happen

Remember when you were a kid sitting in math class asking yourself when you would ever use the endless set of equations and numbers that your teacher was insisting you cram into your head? It couldn’t be all that important, right? Surely who hated math excelled in the world. Right? Well, unfortunately these math show all evidence to the contrary. Here you’ll find a collection of math that go to show exactly how important it is to pay attention in math class.
So whether you’re looking for a great way to demonstrate this concept to your own kid or are just out for a good laugh, these math fails have you covered. Don’t let bad math happen to you! Be sure to vote up the most epic math fails on this list!

You Had One Job

No. No I Don’t.

When It’s Actually Cheaper to Specify You’d Like 2 Individual Burritos

Maybe Move Those Funds to the Math Department

At Least They’re Honest

Maybe This Sign Decided to Save You Even More As It Was Printing

Apparently “Was” Doesn’t Mean What It Used To

Wait… What?

Best. Tip. Ever.

When the Only Thing You Save is the Time It Takes to Pick Up Two Solo Bottles

It Appears They May Have Missed a Step

The Importance of Checking Your Work in Action

Not Quite

More Like Big Liar Meals

Apparently It Doesn’t Pay to Procrastinate

Maybe the Machine Failed Math and Gives a Discount to Apologize

Hmmm… Tough Call…

Puma Attempts to Execute a Stealth Math Con

A Little Extra Polyester

Somebody Owes This Surfer like 70 Bucks

Care to Try Again?


Maybe the Other 10 Calories Are a Little More Hesitant than Their Fellow Cals?

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