27 of the Trashiest Tweets Ever Posted on Twitter

Who doesn’t love to read posts? Twitter has given everyone in the world with a cell phone or an Internet connection a way to broadcast any old thought or photo to the entire world. Unlike , where are simply annoying their friends and family, Twitter broadcasts your every thought to the world using hashtags and trending topics.
Still, people seem to think that their posts are private, and that nobody will find the misspelled outburst, of a bad , or admission of drug use that they posted. Luckily some Internet heroes know when to hit the screenshot button, nab that funny twitter status and share the trashiest tweets they find with the world. Every possible grammar mistake, faux pas, and baby-daddy related drama is exhibited here. Their trashiness and mistakes are our entertainment. Check out the weirdest, trashiest and most ridiculous posts Twitter has to offer.

Nice Wordplay

That’s Just Rude

Like Father Like Son

Everyone Just Shut Up

A Good Work Ethic

Well, Go On

Who Needs Maury


Twerkin Away the Sadness

Rosetta Stone

Take the Easy Road

Missed This Pinnacle Cake Vodka, Mom

Oh God…

Abortion Selifie

Even Celebs Can Be Trashy

Not for Lack of Trying

I Think That’s an Old Fresco

Probably on That Chair Covered In Clothes

So Sad

City of Love

Starting Young

I Don’t Remember Sixth Grade Like This

I’m in Ur Venues, Doin Ur Coke

Is This English



Except It’s Also Bud Light

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