The 51 Greatest Viral Yearbook Photos In Internet History

Now that the Internet is a thing (you know, for at least the last couple years or so), don’t just get to look like a serial killer in their high school yearbook pictures and get away with it anymore (not even famous people, because there are some glorious celebrity yearbook pictures). Awful haircuts, bad , and misguided quotes are no longer just for you and your graduating class in Sheepstooth, Iowa, they are freely and readily available for the whole Interwebs to laugh at. And laugh you shall at this list of yearbook pictures.Some of these (and adults) are clearly playing into the funny yearbook photo , while others seem to have been caught off guard in their thinking that feathered mullets would make them super popular after graduation. While these hilarious yearbook are far from the biggest high school yearbook scandals in history, there are plenty of awful yearbook photos to laugh at here.

This Poor Kid

Call the Legal Department

Doubles As Her Card

Staring Contest. You and Me, Right Now.

American Eagle. He’s Wearing an American Eagle Shirt.

A Timeless

Cheshire Cat Black Dude

Must Be a Very Liberal HS

Revenge of the Band Geeks

Lobbying to Change the School Mascot

And I Thought My Math Teacher Was Ugly

Spreading Truth One Quote at a Time

Overshadowed by the Mullet in the Next Box

Why Have the Authorities Not Been Alerted??

5 Bump Before It Was

But the Kid in Black Face Was Expelled

She Must Have Ditched a Lot of English Classes

Not Even a Text?

Award for Best Troll

Love, Your BFF

Well That Was a Gimme

The Art Department

Clearly He’s the President of the Club

I Must Have Missed That Speech

What Happened to Ben’s ?

An Oldie And A Goodie

No, That’s Totally How the Quote Goes

Absolutely Eloquent

So Does She Even Get to Retort?

Megan Is An Accidental Racist

Because This Is Not Hogwarts

He Talk Pretty One Day

The School Said No Burkas

Stone Cold

Before There Were Hipsters

It Was That or Lao Tzu

So That’s Why GPA Doesn’t Matter


Still Pissed His Partner Didn’t Show Up

FYC, a White Kid for Fat Albert’s Gang

It Was the Day the Victoria’s Secret Catalog Came Out

Inspired By Nature

Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

They Rejected His Hitler Quote

Because He Gasses the Balls?

Makes Beautiful People Suits in Home Ec

The Hound Went to High School?

That’s What Happens When You Have Photos After Lunch

Would You Send Dynamite?

Please Show Up Well Rested and Sober for Your Photos

Big Nguyen

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