The Most Epic Wedding FAILs of All Time

Epic   are here to both assure you that your own wedding day wasn’t that bad and to warn you about the perils that can be associated with a couple’s big day. It’s been said that anything that can go wrong will, but for these couples, a wedding fail turned out to be not just “something that went wrong” but “something that went HORRIBLY wrong.” Whether it’s the bride whose wedding falls off, the groom who drops the bridesmaid, or the wedding guest who vomits during her speech. . . you can just be glad that you aren’t any of these people.  

The best/worst part? Most of these wedding FAILs were caught on so they will be forever remembered. Wedding dress fails and bride fails are the stuff of legend and now you can watch the proof that these crazy actually did happen. With wedding season just around the corner, here are the greatest videos of people completely ruining weddings that the Internet has to offer. From brides being set aflame, to DJs fondling the guests, to even groomsmen ruining by parachuting onto them, these are the most epic videos of wedding fails of all time. This list has a lot more than just videos where a dress falls down, or off altogether, but it does have the absolute times that anybody has ever failed very hard during a marriage ceremony.   
Best Man Ruins Wedding
This internet classic, even though it’s fake, is a really, really great wedding fail. Just because a lot of people would put “you missed this!” in the comments, and because it’s in the general consciousness here it is (and why it’s awesome).
Chloe and Keith’s wedding was picture perfect. Chloe looked beautiful, Keith found Khakis that kind of fit him, the sun was shining and both their families were present. As the priest was saying their vows and the videographer was closing up on Chloe’s proud, loving and blissful face, they got to the part where she is asked if she will be with Keith as long as they both shall live.
She agrees to do this and the priest asks for the rings. The best man (who clearly wasn’t) approached the stage they made with confidence, when his unscored, obviously underused dress shoes caused him to slip on the slick surface.
At first you’re worried for the guy who fell on his face, until you notice the bride falling over backwards, ruining not only her dress, but her hair, and day.
You lose all sympathy for the guy as soon as you pause the video and realize that he was actually trying to pick himself back up using the bride.
The bride, not wanting to get her dress , or be pushed off the balcony (which c’mon, they did put at kind of an ill-advised spot) backed up… into the pool.
The priest, ever the hero, tried to catch the guy, he then tried to catch her, but only helped break her fall as he falls into the pool after her.
The whole crowd screams “NO!” and one of the greatest wedding fails of all time made internet . Over 5 million views to just the original video alone.
Here’s the trailer for the independent film Chloe and Keith’s Wedding, for which this video was viral marketing:
Bridal Party Piggie-Back Fail
Ah the humorous bridal party entrance. Ever since that annoying video of the bridal party dancing in, this phenomena has become more and more present. Why can’t they do what my parent’s did when they came into the reception? Look kind of out of breath with their hair and clothes disheveled? (I might need to seek counseling.)
In any case, this bridesmaid and groomsman thought it would be a good idea to do a reverse-piggyback into the room. Sure, she’s built like a brickhouse, but it looks like they didn’t factor her high heels into the equation. It’s basic physics.
Bride Gets Caught On Her Dress
The first dance seems to be a lot trickier than it should be. There are numerous videos of brides having the most difficulty putting one foot in front of the other. This is no different. The poor bride in this video probably agonized over choosing this dress. She probably spent hours going to so many different stores and reading hundreds of magazines just to find the one dress that fit her perfectly. She spent thousands of her hard earned dollars to buy it and have it tailored just right.
Unfortunately, it seems that they didn’t take into account that she would have to do more than just stand in it. At least she recovers with the grace of a 15-year-old Olympic gymnast.
Young Boy Falls Asleep During Vows, Takes A Huge Fall
This is why Catholic weddings are the worst. We’ve all been to one. They are by far the longest and feature what feels like up to two hours of uninterrupted speech before we even get to anything relevant about the people we’re there to see take the plunge.
As a child, nothing was more boring than having to sit through these, which is why we should all sympathize with this kid.
This poor kid finds the ceremony so appropriately boring that he falls asleep standing up. Unfortunately, though, the stairs are so far up that he takes a much bigger fall than you would expect him to.
BONUS: And sure, there are dozens, if not hundreds of videos all over the internet of people falling down during weddings, for example:
So why does this one take the cake? The giant thud that undoubtedly woke this kid up is what puts him on this list.
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