Wedding Planners Reveal Their Worst Horror Stories

Servers Eat the Wedding Cake
As a wedding planner confessed on Kai Squared Events, ” At one wedding I planned, the cake went missing after the bride and groom cut it. The bride soon asked where the cake was. Turns out the servers had taken it upon themselves to eat it! We cut the pieces smaller and the bride never knew.”
Little Girl Destroys the Cake
As one wedding planner shared with Planners Lounge, ” At one wedding we planned, a little girl went up to the cake and swiped her fingers across the icing. The first few times it happened we didn’t know about it until the Maid of Honor called us on her cell phone and said, do you mind coming and doing something about this little girl, she’s ruining the cake. Sure enough we looked at the cake and there were little finger marks all along the bottom of the cake, literally ruining the design. When we approached the mother about it asking if there was something we could get little Sally to bid her time and occupy her the mother replied ‘You can cut the cake.'”
AC Breaks at Sweaty Basement Wedding
As wedding planner Samantha Goldberg told NY Daily News, “One couple on a half-million-dollar budget could have held their wedding anywhere. But the groom insisted on having it in a huge underground, walk-out basement belonging to his . There was only one exit and 300 guests. I strongly recommended a tent in the backyard in case there was an emergency. But the groom and his family wouldn’t listen. What happened? It turned out to be a blisteringly hot, rainy night. It got increasingly hot inside the basement and, eventually, at the end of the cocktail hour, the air conditioner blew. There was silence. Everyone was trying to eat by candlelight and suffering from heat exhaustion.”
The Groom Dumps the Bride
As a wedding planner described to Huffington Post, when she sat down with the couple the day before their wedding to fill out “the marriage license paperwork, the whole vibe at our table suddenly changed.”  The groom then pushed the papers back and announced, “I’m not sure we’re ready to take this step. We’re not ready to get married yet.” The groom then proceeded to break up with the bride, right in front of the wedding planner!  
Groom Parties Without His Bride
Planner Samantha Goldberg once had to share ” the sweetheart table with the bride. The groom was a politician and was too busy networking with his guests! The bride didn’t want to eat on her own and she asked me to sit with her.” As she explained to NY Daily News, “It did feel a little strange.”
The 22-Minute Toast
At one wedding, a planner had to deal with a mother of the bride who made a 22-minute toast, during which she name-dropped every famous person she had ever introduced her to.
Father of Bride Wants to Call Off the Wedding
During one wedding that Samantha Goldberg helped plan, ” the bride’s father said to his daughter, in a stage whisper: ‘You know, it’s not too late to back out, honey. Nobody will think badly of you.'” Goldberg went on to tell the NY Daily News that everyone in the church could hear the not-so-proud father’s declaration. Not the best way to start off the celebrations!
Father of the Bride Passes Out Naked
You know it’s got to be hard for the father of the bride to give his daughter away. But one father took his pain a little too far.  As a wedding planner explained on Brides, she had a “father of the bride who got so drunk that he couldn’t make it through the reception.” He then chose the closest room possible – the staff room – to pass out in. That’d be okay… maybe… except for the fact that he was completely naked when he passed out. The wedding planner said she “will never forget the hysterical scream from one innocent server who encountered the bride’s naked when she went to find a basket for the linens.”
Mother of the Groom Breaks Out Into Song
As one wedding planner shared on Brides, just after the bride and groom exchanged vows, the mother of the groom ” suddenly broke out into song before the bride and groom could escape down the aisle.” And it wasn’t a specific song… “but some random words she was fitting to a hymn involving ‘God bless this couple.'”
Flower Girl Pees on Feet
Wedding planner Ashley Domingues shared her story with WPIC: “I was asked to mind the four-year-old flower girl during the photo session… She gave me about five seconds notice that she had to go to the washroom and then peed on my foot!”
Bride Needs Her Zit Popped
As Denise  Georgiou of WeDDings Jubilee described on WPIC (The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada), she had to “pop a brides pimple that was on her back, where the buttoned up to: she was afraid it would pop during the wedding and mess up her dress…” EW!
Groom’s Speech Needs Writing
One wedding planner recalled an experience she had with a groom who “halfway through the wedding breakfast sent for me, declared he had not prepared a speech and could I quickly just write one for him.” As she went on to explain to Wedding and Wedding Flowers, “In our wedding kit we always carry index cards so I scribbled down the usual format – bullet points of who to thank, who they’d bought gifts for and finally the toast he should offer. But he just read just as I had written it and the delivery left a lot to be desired. The bride was not impressed (and neither was I)…”
Dress Gets Ruined the Night Before the Wedding
As wedding planner Jo Ann Schwartz Woodward told the Houston Business Journal, the bride’s dress was ruined the night before the ceremony. “Her mom came in from out of town and hung it on the sprinkler in the hotel room because it was the highest point in the room,” explained Woodward. “But, the pipes broke and all the mold and dirt that had been in those pipes for the last 20 years went all over the dress.” Luckily, she was able to solve the situation. “At the last minute, my husband and the designer called and said they soaked it in some special solution that made it look as good as new,” she said. “We blew it dry right before the wedding and no one knew it ever happened.”
Bride’s Fake Tan Needs a Scrub
As wedding planner Andrea Swift told Mirror, “one bride suddenly decided to get her first ever St. Tropez tan the day before her wedding. Needless to say it was streaky and looked terrible. I had to scrub her with a flannel to get it off.”
Officiant Passes Out During Ceremony
The officiant passed out during a ceremony, explained one wedding planner to Planner’s Lounge. “I had smelling salt in my emergency kit and was able to revive him quickly.  After a 20-minute delay, he resumed the ceremony.”
All the Disgusting Things You Could Imagine
Are you a bride? There’s basically nothing a wedding planner won’t do you for, “like let you spit your gum into my hand, wipe your groom’s sweaty forehead with my bare hand or hold your dress up while you pee {use your imagination for when the bride has a visit from ‘aunt flow’ eek}, but she “still wouldn’t trade my job for any other job in the world!” 
Someone Let the Dogs Out
As wedding planner at Monsters and Critics shared, right as the bride was about to walk down the aisle, “two ginormous dogs – turned out they were Brazilian Mastiffs – came barreling through the open front doors of the villa, slid across the tile, bounced down the stairs into the great room, slid across the great room’s granite floor, and then got up and ran across the back porch out into the yard. They both jumped in the pool, and then got out and started rolling around on the lawn that resembled a rice paddy.” 
Bride’s Brother Demands an Apology
“One bride’s brother had me apologize to his girlfriend during the reception because ‘and guest’ was written on their escort card,” shared one planner on The Knot. “It wasn’t even my fault—they were broken up when we sent the calligrapher the names!” 
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