What Country Will Win The 2018 FIFA World Cup?


As we approach the 2018 FIFA World Cup, it’s time to start making predictions as to which country will walk away as number one. While there have certainly been some upsets in the qualifiers, such as Italy and the US not making the cut, there’s still plenty of great contenders. Of the 2018 World Cup qualifiers, who do you think will win? 

When it comes to making your World Cup predictions, you always have the favorites. Top soccer countries such as Brazil, Germany, Spain and France could all be potential winners this year—and many think it’ll be one of these countries. Nevertheless, plenty of fans also thought the US and Italy would be fair contenders. Aside from the aforementioned favorites, the World Cup odds also prove to be in favor of England, who hasn’t won since 1966. Could 2018 be England’s year?


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