The Worst Internet Reactions to the Scarlett Johansson Nudes

From stupid, to funny, to just plain creepy as hell, here are the best/worst reactions to ’s naked body. I mean, not a man in the world doesn’t want to see Scarlett Johanssen naked, but do we really all have to let each other know that we’re masturbating to these new leaked naked of her via social networks? This is the most the internet has everinstantly exploded over leaked nude of a famous hot , and it was weird, awkward and creepy as hell.
What were the worst reaction to the Scarlett Johansson nudes? You can find them all right here.

This is an Important Day in Pervert

The Fap is Strong with This One

This is a Valid Concern

Foul Machelor Frog Gets the Fap Flu

Via Reddit user arid_tare

Uh, Where Does This Guy Work?

Via Reddit user ZRAGE23
Answer: Probably where the guy from item #5 works.

It’s All in How You Word

This Is What the Entire Internet Looked Like When the News Broke

Via Reddit user likwitsnake

So Much Work to Do

Via Reddit user breaksmurf

The Only News Item (Other Than Palin) That Will Got Attention on 9/14

Via Reddit user lsqDrunkenMaster


FirstWorldProblems for the Fap-Impaired

This Guy is Going to Die Alone

Additional tweets from this dude probably include complaints about ’s thumbs.

This Guy is Also Going to Die Alone

Creepy As Hell

Okay, This is Actually Kind of a Good Point

HAL900 Wants to Serve a Higher Purpose

*Slow Clap*

Breaking News from the Sweaty Palmed Dispatchers

Cakes = Slang for Buttcheeks

A from the Male Population

An Instant Buzzkill

Another Butthurt Dweller is “Unimpressed”

And the “Jealous Because Nobody Wants to See Me Naked” Award Goes to…

You Have to Be Careful About the Wording of This News Story…

She is Now Part of an Exclusive Club

via Reddit user mihirkula

Reddit Discovers the Economic Implications of the ScarJo Nudes

via Reddit user Swampfunk

Fake Nick Nolte Will Never Be Hacked

Slowpoke is Always the Last to Know

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