The Worst Parents in Department Stores

Ever find yourself shopping alongside who seem to be in a totally different world than their screaming children? Ever been tempted to call child services on the woman trying to dig her small child from the bottom of a shopping cart full of dinners? No? Then this collection of the ’s worst parents in stores will show you how lucky you are.  
Try to restrain your temper as you get a load of toddlers running free through the toy section, crammed into shopping carts, and some of the sketchiest parenting methods known to man. Trashy parents in department stores, trashy parents in grocery stores, trashy parents in the parking lot. When these bad parents go shopping, they take their poor parenting choices public.  And what’s a kid trapped in a grocery store to do? Find a way to entertain themselves, of course. Some do it by hiding in the freezer aisle, while others channel their efforts into making friends with manikins and other inanimate objects.  

Got a pregnant pal you want to help avoid falling in with the “trashy parents in department stores” crowd? Send this collection her way. After seeing these horrifying displays of child rearing, potential parents will think twice before laying their kid on the floor to grab a slushy or propping up those frozen items around their 5 year old. So get ready to behold some of the worst parenting skills the Internet has to offer! 

Anybody Seen Conner Lately?

A Super Stylish Babysitter

Jimmy’s First and Last Trip to the Store with Grandma

Quick, Get a for Before the Crying Starts!

Praying for the Moment He’s Old Enough to Wait Outside Alone

That’s One Way to Make Him a Republican

Why You Never Let Your Husband Take the Baby to the Dealership Alone

Uh Oh

At Least He’s Keeping Himself Entertained

Reason #15 Never to Leave Your Kids in the Toy Aisle Unattended

The Day They Discovered He Had a Future in Gymnastics

The Family That Naps Together…

Cruel and Unusual, but Probably True

It’s All Downhill for This Kid

An Excellent Multi-Tasker

How to Tell When You Need to Spend More Quality Time with Your Kids

Velveeta Boxes Make Great Bedding

Ever Since Her Mom Accidently Left Her at Wal-Mart, She’s Been a Bit Clingy

Future Goth Teen in 3…2…1

A Sign Your Kid May Be Ready to Head Home

Class: This Mom Has It

At Least the Employees Didn’t Have to Mop That Night

Quick, Hit the Liquor Aisle Before He Comes to!

SO Not What They Meant by “Valuables”

The Ones in the Back Have Later Expiration Dates

And the Parent of the Year Award Goes to…

Only at Wal-Mart

Anybody Forget to Unpack Something from Their Cart?

Perpetuating the Sad Cycle

The 5 Second Rule Mom

Baby’s First Trip to the Adult Toy Store

This Seems Safe

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