The Worst Maps on the Internet

 The bad maps collected on this list cover all the bases, from poorly drawn maps of the US, to maps full of unnecessary data like the amount of goats in an area vs. the amount of llamas. It’s possible that information like that could come in handy, but don’t hold your breath for a geography professor to ask if anyone knows how many goats Austria has per capita. Unless you’re in an Austrian agriculture class – in that case, all bets are off. 

Well… No

Looks Pretty Unified, Actually

What a Good Trick for Finding Kentucky

The Top States in : You Really Can’t Argue with This Data

Take THAT China

The Most Accurate Map of Australia Ever

It’s Really, Really Big!

Can Someone PLEASE Find Greenland?

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Pretty Helpful, Actually

Good One

A Helpful Color Coded Map of the US

The , According to Home Depot

What Time Is It in YOUR Country?

Countries Arranged by Geographic Location

Countries That Intersect with a Random Red Line

An Incredible Map of the Dark Ages

The Age Old Rivalry: Goats vs. Llamas

See What They Did There?

Rhode Island: Now Bigger Than Washington State!

Did You Also Visit Australia During Your Semester in Europe?

This Map Hangs in ’s Living Room


Something Seems Odd About the Pacific Northwest…

Size Comparison of Washington to California

What Exactly Are the Countries on This Sushi Map?

Reichs by Country

How the US Population Fits Into Switzerland

The Size of Europe Compared to a Slice of Bread

Countries That Are Not South Sudan