The Most WTF Birthday Party Photos Ever

While everyone experiences good and bad birthday parties, every so often one finds themselves at a birthday party. Obviously everyone wants to see do as they please on their special day, but arriving at a WTF birthday party honestly will only have you celebrating once it’s over. Due to circumstances out of a person’s control, birthday party fails on a person’s day of birth just happen like rain on a day or your inauguration. Sometimes the birthday cake falls flat, either humorously or literally onto the floor, or the birthday party needs to be rescheduled as a funeral service. Sh*t happens, and so does the occasional weird birthday party.

Luckily, the unlucky party-goers at these birthday function failures captured some weird party for the rest of the to collectively gawk at. These are the wtf party photos that would make you cry too, you know, if it happened to you.

Slight Change Of Plans

Poor Richard’s Alias

Happy Drugs Day!

Tamara’s Birthday From Hell

Make Your Wish Then Make For The Sink!

Birthday Groping

A Moment Of Paws

My Precious

Spank You Very Much

Have A Sucky Birthday!

Choose Your Birthday Cake Wisely

Mother of the Year

Birthday: First Blood

Forever Alone Birthday

Making A Wish… For A Better Life

Birthday Kisses

Unhappy Birthday

Happy BDay Thinkfast!

Hats Off To You

Birthdays Suck

Birthday Party For One

Birthday in Bed

Crying At Your Birthday? Cliche

The Devil’s Birthday

Because You’re Never Too Young for 69

Cheers To This?

Special K

This Birthday Party Was Yuuuge!

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